Do your premiums keep rising, even if you’ve never filed a claim? We understand your frustration, and can offer a wider range of ideas and options for keeping costs manageable. The people at Biltmore understand the value and importance of the vehicles that you use to get around, whether for errands or leisure.

Auto & Motorcycle Insurance

Let’s start by determining whether you qualify for the lower costs of a Preferred auto insurance policy, due to your driving record and vehicle use. Overall, a larger independent insurance agency like Biltmore can provide a wider variety of coverage and cost options, even for those with imperfect driving records. Own an antique, special-interest or high-value automobile? We can often insure vehicles that other agencies cannot.

  • Standard auto insurance
  • Preferred auto insurance
  • High-risk vehicle insurance
  • Standard motorcycle insurance
  • Antique and high-value vehicles

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Recreational & Sports Vehicle Insurance

The experts at Biltmore can fill you in on what’s required, and what will serve you best, for insuring the big toys you love to get behind the wheel of. Liability insurance is the starting point, with additional coverage for collision damage, theft, fire, vandalism, weather events and even wild animals. No one wants to hear their RV crunch when they “thought” they had enough clearance. But at least they’re covered for it. We offer policies for:

  • Motorhomes
  • Camping trailers & fifth-wheel travel trailers
  • Pop-up & mounted truck campers
  • All-terrain vehicles & dune buggies
  • Trail bikes & mini-bikes
  • Golf carts
  • Snowmobiles

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Boat & Watercraft Insurance

Do you know the difference between “agreed value” and “actual cash value” regarding boat insurance? Are you aware of common coverage exclusions in most watercraft policies? Do you need uninsured motorist coverage? We’ll offer explanations and guidance, so you can make the right coverage choices. Know you’re protected before you take to the water, then enjoy the ride. Biltmore insures:

  • Motorboats & speedboats
  • Yachts & cabin cruisers
  • Houseboats & pontoon boats
  • Fishing boats
  • Sailboats
  • Jetskis/Personal Watercraft

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Aviation Insurance

Some are surprised that the insurance that covers their plane or helicopter when it’s in the air may not protect them if there’s an incident on the ground. Aviation insurance is a specialized field, and smart aircraft owners want to work with experts who know all the risks and legal obligations. Also ask about private pilot insurance, for when the pilot isn’t also the owner. Aviation insurance options include:

  • Passenger liability insurance
  • Public liability insurance
  • In-flight insurance
  • Ground risk hull insurance (not in motion)
  • Ground risk hull insurance (in motion)
  • Private pilot insurance

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